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About my teaching style:

My workshops are all process oriented with emphasis on facilitating individual creativity. The framework of the workshop is a jumping-off point rather than a goal. Instruction is highly personalized. The same workshop, presented to the same group will differ over time as we all grow and change...expect me to work with you, where you are, on what you are interested in.

If you or your group would like a 'custom tailored' class or lecture, let me know what you have in mind. For schedule availability and fees, please contact me.

Class Descriptions

Off the Wall and Onto the Page
This is one of my favorite workshops. Every participant ends up with a unique and very personal result. For extended workshops, "Off the Wall" combines welll with "Pushing the Surface Sampler" and "the Color of Light'.

Combine mixed media and multiple ideas; working in a folding book format. Two sided images, free standing forms and more are possible in this workshop.

Pushing the Surface: a Sampler of Techniques
Explore a variety of approaches to create and change surface color and texture. Color, marks, layers, materials and techniques - A full day or more of non-toxic, low tech fun. This workshop is a great introduction to acrylic mediums, to creating transparencies and combining materials as well as techniques.

(best as a two or three day class)

Idea to Image, (A creative process workshop)
(2 days)

Fueling up, making the map vs. "winging it", checking your toolbox, getting started, enjoying the journey. We will use collage as a way of investigating personal imagery. Individual and group instruction focuses on developing ideas and on defining and exploring self direction.

The Elements: Abstracting from Nature (2 days or longer)
Working with sets of opposites - visual as well as conceptual - participants develop a composition using the elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, as inspiration. Using a variety of approaches, students are encouraged to tap into their personal creative voice. The expressive designs evoked are then translated into your medium of choice. Instruction is highly personalized. 2 days or more

Collage Landscapes (1 day or longer)
Explore your personal landscape (imaginary, interpretive, observed) in this fun, fast paced and slightly messy workshop. Create a series of small images using a variety of materials and collage techniques.

Tempting the Muse (best as a multi-day class, minimum 2 days, or in combination with Pushing the Surface)
This studio workshop has a dual focus: generating ideas for new personal imagery and then giving those ideas form. A variety of approaches are used to tap into the intuitive creative process. Participants may choose to work on a number of small pieces or to work on one larger piece. Size, scale, materials and construction techniques are issues that are discussed and demonstrated in the process of developing original and innovative new work. Instruction is highly personalized. Group discussion includes topics such as: nurturing the creative self, getting past different types of 'blocks' and building a consistent body of work.

Listening to your Muse, a new, more challenging extended workshop for those who have worked with me in the past. Minimum: 4 days, great for retreat situations. details soon.

Lecture Descriptions

Lectures can be formatted to the group and the time available. Group discussion encouraged as time permits.

Fabrications: A True Story
In this presentation of slides and actual work, I give an overview of my current work in paper, paint and whatever crosses my path. I discuss sources of inspiration and  my working process.The underlying structure of the talk is my journey from being a painter (with a lifetime passion for fibers) to the current experimental work.

Balancing Acts: Surviving as an Artist
This is a humorous and informative look inside the life of a full time artist. We'll talk about cultural and personal myths and how a little self-knowledge and humor can help us to be more focused and productive in our creative pursuits. Sources of inspiration, tools for working - even when you have no time and little space- and what you really need to know before you quit your day job are some of the topics addressed in this personal look inside an artist's life.


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To schedule a workshop for your group, please contact me.