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My primary recommendation is to read and explore outside of your medium. That is, stretch your mind, learn about other points of view. Explore the world. Look at art by painters, sculptors, printmakers as well as in fibers, clay and wood. Whenever possible, look at the work in person. Pay attention to what in it speaks to you and why, or what repels you and why. Listen to music. Learn more about things that fascinate you. Challenge yourself to spend time with things that do not appeal to you. What is it that bothers you? What can you learn by confronting the unfamiliar? Consider time spent like this as part of your studio time.

Why not visit the National Gallery on-line. Virtual tours, discussion of individual works and a children's

Now available in .pdf format:
Idea to Image: Tempting Your Muse is getting really good feedback. For information and to order your copy, click here

Idea to Image, a guided studio workbook
is also available.
39 pages, spiral bound, black and white and color, lots of white space for you to fill with your ideas, your notes, your responses to the suggestions and prompts in the workbook.

to order click here

Books on professional development:

These books on professional development are all slightly different. If you can find it, I recommend the Cay Lang as the best all around guide with a positive tone.

Art & Reality can help you formulate a serious plan.
I believe all of these are still in print and most are available through Amazon.

Taking the Leap: The Insider's Guide to Exhibiting and Selling Your Art
Cay Lang ©2006 Chronicle Books, 2Rev Ed edition

Getting the Word Out: The Artist's guide to Self Promotion

An Art Calendar Guide
©1995 Art Calendar Publishing
P.O. Box 2675 Salsbury MD 21802

How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist: Selling Yourself Without Selling Your Soul - 4th Edition
Carol Michels ©1983, 1988, 1992, 1997
Henry Holt & Company ISBN 0-8050-5504-5

The Business of Being An Artist

3rd edition
Daniel Grant ©2000
Allworth Press ISBN 1-58115-056-3

Legal Guide for the Visual Artist - 4th Edition
Tad Crawford ©1999
Allworth Press ISBN 1-58115-003-2

Art & Reality: The New Standard Reference Guide and Business Plan for Actively Developing Your Career as an Artist

Robert J Abbott © 1997
Seven Locks Press ISBN 0-929765-56-7

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